Différentes Activités. Orchestra score – Jean-Luc Rimey-Meille


Concerto for string orchestra and percussion. Orchestra score


Différentes Activités – Jean-Luc Rimey-Meille

Concerto for string orchestra and percussion. Orchestra score

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The starting point of this piece is to mix different musical aesthetics which are dear to me like jazz, some music of composers of the XXth century, or some rock & jazz music (B.Bartok, S Reich, F.Zappa, P.Metheny, J.Cage, King Crimson …), I wanted to give it an architecture which is not the traditional form of the concerto but which allows several sound combinations to meet.

The constitution of the orchestra is unusual (13 strings and 2 percussionists) and I had fun equipping the soloist’s instrumentarium, besides the vibraphone and the numerous drums and cymbals, with some sound objects not coming from the traditional percussion instruments (cans, salad bowl filled with water, calabashes, muffled gongs…).

This gives a particular result which sounds original but which corresponds well to the idea I had at the beginning of this type of meeting.

The piece is constructed in the overall form of 3 movements interspersed with small snare drum pieces played by the soloist that appeal to a certain form of derision sometimes found in modern musical theater.

The general style remains rather rhythmic and syncopated and the great difficulty lies in the setting up of all these somewhat satellite elements in order not to sink into an inventory of instrumental and sound possibilities.

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