Tellurythme – Laurent Jacquier


Score for five percussion ensemble.

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Tellurythme – Laurent Jacquier

Score for five percussion ensemble.

The piece is articulated around two contrasting parts, first of all by the instrumentation – the first putting forward the keyboards (marimbas) and the second the skins – but also by their own characters.

After a brief introduction, from which the pulsation gradually emerges, the theme settles on the marimba, on an irregular pulsation, evoking a slightly “broken down” music box.

The second part, much more ” earthy”, hence the title “ Tellurythme“, is based on a ternary ostinato given first to the tom bass, around which are organized the interventions of the other percussionists, who, mixing the binary and the ternary, the skins and the voice, bring some rhythmic ambiguity.

After a reminder of the theme of the first part (on the marimba), the ostinato returns for a great final crescendo, a great gong strike concluding the piece.

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Ensemble, Multipercussion