Amalgame – Laurent Jacquier


Score for five percussion ensemble.

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Amalgame – Laurent Jacquier

Score for five percussion ensemble.

The title ”Amalgam” refers to an intermingling of different rhythms, as well as the juxtaposition of contrasting sequences in terms of dynamics, timbre and character.

This piece is based on a marimba ostinato (in 5/8 time), around which is organized a rhythmic pattern generated by cells of different meters (2/4, 3/4, 5/8); a process inspired by the polyrhythms of Central Africa.

This ostinato will be interspersed with more melodic sequences and notably a “meditative” central part based on the metal keyboards (glockenspiel and vibraphone), which contrast with the fiery character of the ostinato.

In the last part, essentially centered on the heads, any notion of measure and strong time is progressively erased by the use of tremolos on the timpani, then by a very fast pulsation on which appear accents in a random way, before finding the initial ostinato for a last time.

P 1: Vibraphone, temple blocks.

P 2: Marimba, toms.

P 3 : Drum set.

P 4 : Drum set

P 5 : Timpani

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Ensemble, Multipercussion