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Aïko MiyamotoAïko Miyamoto

Student of Michiko Takahashi and Keiko Abe, Aïko Miyamoto arrived in France in 1990 to upgrade with Francis Brana and Jacques-François Juskowiak.

In 1991, she won the international competition in Clermont-Ferrand 1st price of the public. Then she became a percussionist with the Orchestra National de Lille.

She regularly produce herself in recitals and chamber music concerts in Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto, Shiga) and in Northern France. His concerts are repeatedly broadcast on state radio NHK

In 2000, she created with the percussionist, solo timpanist of the Orchestra National de Lille, Jean-Claude Gengembre, the ensemble “Cantus Percussio”.

She performs regularly with the Orchestra SOAI, Douai Orchestra, the Orchestra National de Lille, the Kyoto Symphony Orchestra …

Very interested in today’s music, she created many works as the Concerto for percussion and Orchestra by Omar Yagoubi, “Nomades” by Graciane Finzi, “Kabuki” for percussion and piano by Megumi Misaki, “Tamashii” for string quartet and marimba by Megumi Misaki.