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Jean-Luc Rimey-MeilleJean-Luc Rimey-Meille

Born in Grenoble, France, where he began his musical studies, he completed them at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Lyon,

Jean-Luc Rimey-Meille is one of the most active and eclectic actors of the French percussion scene.

Performer in a wide variety of fields, classical, contemporary music, jazz, variety, he has explored everything.

Founder of ensembles, first of all Les Percussions à Claviers de Lyon of which he was a member for 19 years, also a founding member of the Ensemble Forum directed by Mark Foster, and since 2006, of OrKestr Percussion, an ensemble made up of the great percussionist students of the Lyon Conservatory.

He is also a teacher, since after having taught for nine years at the Grenoble Conservatory, he was appointed professor at the Lyon Conservatory in 2002.

Composer, for fields as diverse as theater, dance, cinema, solo percussion, instrumental and choral music.

Many of his pieces have been created by the Percussions à Claviers de Lyon, of which there are several recordings, but he has also written several times for Orchestre Mix and The Big Note commissioned by L’Ensemble, Orchestre Régional de Basse-Normandie or Différentes activités, concerto for multi percussion and string ensemble, created by Attilio Terlizzi.

He is currently working on small pieces of musical theater for different instruments as well as duets for percussion keyboards.