Face à Face Part.2 – Jonathan Haessler


Sheet music for percussion duo.

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Face à Face Part.2 – Jonathan Haessler

Sheet music for percussion duo.

“I composed “Face à Face Part. 2” in the continuity of the first opus: a single installation shared by two percussionists. This setup will simply be completed with two rides cymbals (if possible quite distinct – low and high), and two hi-hats.

Note that this piece, even if it is the direct continuation of “Face à Face” is not necessarily dependent on it!

It’s up to you if you want to perform both pieces, or just one of them!

You will find in the score the nomenclature of the symbols used, as well as a diagram illustrating the placement of the two percussionists. The common instruments are the toms and rides (each percussionist has his own snare and hi-hat, the only instruments that are not shared).” Jonathan Haessler.

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Multipercussion, Snare drum