Phonic Design 4 – Tosi Daniel


Duo violin and marimba.

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Phonic Design 4 – Daniel Tosi

Duo violin and marimba.

This work of virtuosity is based on models from the history of music of the world.

But, it is especially the interactivity of a moving sound object that fascinated me.

Beyond a simple tonality, a multitude of harmonics emerge, blurring the usual pattern. It is not only a musical game of transcendental execution. The superimposition between the two protagonists is the place where dynamic forces meet around diffractions and exploded melodies.

Musical expression must be born from these encounters of varying speeds. Sometimes a basic cell generates discursive elements of the same content, sometimes it gives way to curious incrustations that divert the discourse towards brief imaginaries.

These juxtaposed or superimposed designs appear to be linked by a permanent energetic flow to recreate a process of life on sound writings.

The mobility of the spectrum produced by these sharply spread out pitches pushed me to feed it with a precise rhythmicity, with multiple accents.

The final goal is to create an electronic whirlwind with chiseled contours and an imperturbable flow, modified only by accelerations or slowdowns; these are noted in the rhythmic content and impose a timeless and “anti-conformist” stability.

The whole thing must escape, rise up and swoop through the air with lightness.

The central movement gathers, on the contrary, an imaginary and underlying expressive potential. It is a kind of accompaniment where the song does not manage to spring forth but must impose itself through the phrasing.

This one will burst in the final in the form of a jet of exalted dust.

Collection « Carnets du 21e siècle », directed by Bruno Giner.

ISMN 9790560241906

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Marimba, Violin