Tombeau de Claudio Abbado by Gualtiero Dazzi


Sheet music for piano solo.

Sheet music available for immediate download or for shipping in hard copy format.

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Tombeau de Claudio Abbado by Gualtiero Dazzi

Sheet music for piano solo.

Claudio Abbado, then musical director of La Scala in Milan, was a central figure in the musical and cultural life of my hometown throughout my studies at the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory. I had the privilege, while still a teenager, to follow with great interest his work as an interpreter of the great lyrical and symphonic repertoire as well as his commitment to defend the music of our time.
Apart from Claudio Abbado’s central place among the greatest performers of the last decades, we will remember him for his intense desire to transmit, personified by the creation of youth orchestras, to which he has devoted most of his time since his illness began.
With the announcement of his death on January 20, it seemed essential to me to remember him and to pay tribute to him with this humble contribution: a work for solo piano, composed a few days after his death and dedicated to my son Jacopo who will be fifteen years old in this year 2014.
Claudio Abbado’s Tombeau is a piece in the form of an etude which, given the technical difficulties involved, can be included in a course of study at an advanced level.
The piece unfolds according to a very easily identifiable dramaturgical line: after a very agitated, virtuoso, sonorous and full of vitality start, the musical discourse is interrupted by a calmer and softer part that comes to gnaw at the fast figures from the inside until it takes over all the space and brings the music to a more and more present silence and to sonorities choked in harmonic sounds.
Gualtiero Dazzi

Sheet music available for immediate download or for shipping in hard copy format.

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