Ocean – Nicolas Jarrige


Sheet music for wind orchestra

Full score and separates parts

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Ocean – Nicolas Jarrige

Sheet music for wind orchestra

Full score and separates parts

Oceanis a long piece that can be classified as program music. Indeed, it is a long odyssey retracing the life of fishermen at sea, those who sometimes leave for long months for great fishing campaigns far from home.

This piece was inspired by the reading of ” Pêcheurs d’Islande ” by Pierre LOTTI. This novel draws its strength from the dangerous but attractive nature of the sea and the particularity of its inhabitants who live from it. The sea is a source of food but also a source of misfortune with the still important number of sailors disappeared in the storms.

I wanted to convey all of this in Ocean, which is a piece of a fairly high level and which will require interesting work from your orchestra. Note that the piano score is difficult to replace and that it brings a lot in the different atmospheres that I wanted to depict. Océan begins with “l’aube sur la grève”, a long introduction, like the sun rising. But no sooner has he appeared than the life of the port wakes up and the fishermen are on their way out. Danger soon awaits these reckless sailors who, despite everything, manage to escape and who then have time to think of their families back in port. “Far from your eyes”, slow and melancholic movement depicts this feeling, heavy of loneliness which sometimes seizes the men alone in the middle of the ocean… But already the work starts again, the nets are full and ready to be brought to the surface, the work and the team spirit which animates this job takes then all its sense. After long months at sea, it is time to return to the harbor, the holds filled with fish. It is also time for the sailors to find their wives and children whom they have not seen for so long. Big celebrations are organized and the heroes of the sea make the most of their stopover. But already the hour of the departure sounds and the men must leave their families for an eternal restart… But the appeal of the ocean is always the strongest, which can sometimes cause disputes, families are again in waiting … Oceanends in the surf and in the greatest tranquility. May this piece of music pay tribute to those men who sometimes give their lives to feed a population.”

Nomenclature :

* Flute 1 – 2 (picc), Oboe, Clarinet 1 Bb, Clarinet 2 – 3 Bb, Alto Saxophone 1 – 2, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone

* Trumpet 1 – 2 Bb, Horn 1 – 2 in F, Trombone 1 – 2, Euphonium,,

* Bass,

* Piano,

* Mallets, Drum set, Percussion 1, Percussion 2, Timpani.

Optional parts:

* Horn 1 in E, Horn 2 in E, Baritone Bb, Tuba Bb bass key and treble key.

Duration : 13mn50”

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