Onomatoperc by Alexandre Coulon


Percussion method book

Onomatoperc is a method for the beginner percussionist.


Onomatoperc by Alexandre Coulon

Percussion method book

Onomatoperc is a method that is intended for the beginner percussionist offering a learning experience on multi-percussion. This work tool aims to prepare the student, from his or her first steps, for percussion installations by developing space management, body support and the use of various tones. Each ” Module ” corresponds to preparatory exercises allowing the assimilation of a new musical notion, which will be improved by the studies between the modules.

Some pieces are inspired by composers such as : Georges Aperghis, Bruno Giner, Thierry de Mey, Jean Pierre Drouet,… In this method are used so-called “classical” percussion, but also less conventional objects such as a comb, a tool key, a clay pot, a vase, a bottle, glasses, a salad bowl, a trowel … The student will have a broad overview of percussion by improving his musicality; this includes working on nuances, flexibility and gesture.

There is no one method that answers all the educational questions, and there is no substitute for personal investment. It goes without saying that each teacher will adapt his or her language, his or her fingerings, and his or her own experience so that the student can progress and flourish.

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