Petite ouverture – Nicolas Jarrige


Sheet music for wind orchestra

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Petite ouverture – Nicolas Jarrige

Sheet music for wind orchestra

Full score and separates parts

As its name suggests, this piece is very accessible and is a great way to start your concert. A cheerful and inviting introduction sets the scene. The first part continues in a sustained rhythm with the exposition of the first theme to the clarinets and then to the whole orchestra.

A majestic minorization of this theme completes this part. The slow movement of this overture, in three beats, is similar to a minuet, distilling a great deal of quietness and bringing out the best in your orchestra’s performance. The percussion introduces the resumption of the first part, the feast resumes! A very dynamic coda concludes this piece full of joy and freshness.


* Flute 1, Flute 2, Oboe, Clarinet 1 Bb, Clarinet 2 – 3 Bb, Alto saxophone 1 – 2, Tenor saxophone, Bass clarinet, Baritone saxophone, Bassoon

* Trumpet 1 Bb, Trumpet 2 Bb, French horn, Baritone Trombone, Bass Tuba,

* Glockenspiel, Percussion 1, Percussion 2, Timpani.

Optional parts:

* Horn Eb, Baritone Bb (bass key), Bass Bb, Bass Bb (treble key).

Duration : 5mn30”

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